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Indonesia Anticorruption and Commercial Court Enhancement

NCSC was a subcontractor on a project to support the Indonesian Supreme Court to implement its “2004 Blueprint for the Development of Commercial Court and for the Establishment of Anti-Corruption Court.” Under this project, NCSC developed an automated case management system (CMS) to improve case management and workflow processes in five model District Courts. The system was implemented in five district courts located in Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar. To facilitate implementation of the new system, NCSC conducted Change Management workshops for court personnel. The workshops examined the benefits in terms of efficiency and transparency of the new technology and considered the modifications in work patterns that the automation would produce. The session also placed an emphasis on achieving counterpart buy-in to adopt the new system. The Central Jakarta District Court is now viewed as a Model Court across Indonesia. Courts from neighboring districts routinely send delegations of judges and registry staff to Central Jakarta to observe the CCMS.