Practice Areas

  • Judicial Governance
  • Judicial Education
  • Professional Development
  • Judicial Administration
  • Court Technology
  • Access to Justice
  • Ethics, Integrity, and Anticorruption
  • Criminal Justice
  • Transnational and Organized Crime
  • Juvenile Justice

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Indonesia Justice Sector Support Program

NCSC was a subcontractor on a three year project to work with the Attorney General's Office in support of modern and accountable prosecutorial services and support the Supreme Court in development of their next five year strategic plan. In support of these objectives, NCSC sponsored a Workload Analysis of the AGO and conducted training for the Supervision Unit of the AGO and refresher training for Prosecutors. NCSC also supported the Prosecutor Training Center with the development of a series of training modules and an assessment of the training center’s library and management and administration structures.

In addition, NCSC provided training to Supreme Court representatives and civil society organizations on the International Framework for Court Excellence. As a result, the Supreme Court incorporated court performance measurement methodologies from the training into its Strategic Planning and Blueprint Development process.