Bangladesh - Judges Debate Court Excellence

In March-April 2014, Dan Hall, Vice President for Court Consulting at NCSC, joined Chief Justice Torres of the Guam Supreme Court in Dhaka, Bangladesh to facilitate two Court Excellence Workshops for subordinate court judges, as part of USAID’s Justice for All Program implemented by NCSC.

Chief Justice Torres noted that there is no single path to excellence; excellence is a journey that starts with a first step. “You can use the framework [to] plan steps forward. The Framework gives you [the roadmap] for what can be done,” he added.  As changes come together, they will become visible, and both institutions and citizens will acknowledge them by showing increased trust and support. The participants, many of them leaders in their respective subordinate courts, benefited from the two days of debate and practical exercises.

Utilizing a self-assessment methodology that engages participants to reflect upon their court’s values, role in society, strengths, and weaknesses, Chief Justice Torres and Dan Hall guided participants through the use of the International Framework for Court Excellence, identifying not only problems but also solutions that can assist Bangladeshi courts to demonstrate excellence to their users. During the two-day workshop, participants had the opportunity to reflect on their day-to-day challenges, procedural constraints, and resource limitations while defining remedial measures. Several participants have now applied their learning in their own courts.

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