Tajikistan: Implementing Case Management Systems

On September 23, 2016, NCSC hosted a workshop on automated case management systems for a delegation from Tajikistan at its International Division offices in Arlington, Virginia. 

The delegation included leaders from the Department Combatting Cyber-crimes, the HR Unit dealing with Prosecution Investigation, the International Relations Office of the Prosecutor General, the Administrative Department of the Executive Office, and a Senior Prosecutor.

The workshop opened with a presentation on the mission and structure of NCSC, including a detailed discussion of the activities of the International Division. The delegates were particularly interested in learning about the training programs offered by NCSC for court staff.

Following the opening session, NCSC IT Expert, Jim McMillan, spoke to the delegates about NCSC’s experience designing and developing automated case management systems domestically and abroad. In particular, Mr. McMillan showcased the automated case management system NCSC is currently helping to develop for the Nigerian courts.

The program was sponsored by the United States Department of State, International Visitor Education Program. NCSC regularly hosts international delegations at its offices in the United States and we invite you to contact us should you wish to discuss the possibility of scheduling a visit. For more information on training programs offered by NCSC, please visit http://www.ncsc.org/Education-and-Careers.aspx