Bangladesh: Supporting Justice for All

On April 28, 2017, NCSC joined in the celebrations of the National Legal Aid Day and organized information and sensitization events in fifteen Districts. More than 70,000 women and men judges, lawyers, local government officials, and citizens participated in events at the District and local level. Through rallies, discussion programs, signature campaigns, cultural events, Legal Aid Fairs, and art and sports competitions, the program mobilized stakeholders to inform citizens about the government’s legal aid system and to recognize the lawyers and partners who make free representation for the poor a reality. National Legal Aid Day is celebrated annually to mark the Government of Bangladesh’s commitment to access to justice for all.

Support to strengthen management of legal aid offices, activate local-level committees, improve the quality and responsiveness of services, and inform citizens of available services and the mechanisms to access them has resulted in increased use of services in pilot Districts. Between 2013 and 2017, demand for services has increased by 116% with more than 3,500 poor people assigned a legal aid lawyer each month in pilot Districts. Since program inception, more than 26,000 local legal aid committee members have been educated about their role in the government legal aid system and more than 653,000 citizens have been reached through outreach and sensitization events.

NCSC is present in Bangladesh as USAID’s implementing partner for the Justice for All Program (JFA), a six-year initiative that aims to improve legal aid, strengthen judicial governance, and expand legal literacy in Bangladesh. JFA is active in fifteen of Bangladesh’s 64 Districts. For more information on the JFA Program, go here.