Bangladesh: Promoting Access to Justice for All

On April 28, 2018, NCSC partnered with the National Legal Aid Services Organization (NLAS), Legal Aid Committees, and sub-grantee partners to celebrate National Legal Aid Day in fifteen Districts across Bangladesh. More than 34,000 women and men judges, lawyers, local government officials, and citizens participated in the celebrations, which included the recognition of lawyers who provide free legal representation to the poor. National Legal Aid Day offered an opportunity for the legal community and citizens to learn about legal aid, celebrate achievements, recognize excellence, and demonstrate the power of unity and commitment to providing justice for all in Bangladesh.

Fairs were organized in Dhaka and other Districts, showcasing the work of national and local organizations and allowing citizens to collect much needed information on their legal rights and on legal aid services. The Dhaka Fair was inaugurated by the Minister of Law, who visited stalls and reiterated the Government of Bangladesh’s commitment to Access to Justice. NCSC staff provided information on the work and achievements of USAID’s Justice for All Program in strengthening legal aid services and increasing citizen awareness of rights and services.

Rallies, discussion meetings, signature campaigns, and awareness activities were organized across the country. Cultural and sporting events were also held, creating space to provide legal information to communities in a manner that brought leaders and common citizens together. Sporting events included cricket matches held in various local communities, such as Maulvibazar, where a match was played between opposing members of two local-level legal aid committees.

NCSC is present in Bangladesh as implementing partner of USAID’s Justice for All Program (JFA), a six-year initiative that aims to improve legal aid, strengthen judicial governance, and expand legal literacy in Bangladesh. JFA is active in fifteen of Bangladesh’s 64 Districts. Visit our website for more information on the JFA Program.