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  • Judicial Governance
  • Judicial Education
  • Professional Development
  • Judicial Administration
  • Court Technology
  • Access to Justice
  • Ethics, Integrity, and Anticorruption
  • Criminal Justice
  • Transnational and Organized Crime
  • Juvenile Justice

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Haiti Judicial Strengthening and Stabilization Initiatives


 Due to the success of a previous Haiti project, in 2005, NCSC was awarded a follow-on project focused on strengthening justice sector institutions, improving criminal justice capacity, and increasing citizens’ awareness of their rights and access to legal services. NCSC undertook activities in support of three objectives:

  1. Increasing the administrative, management, and technical capacity of judicial authorities;
  2. reducing the ratio of the prison population in pretrial status and the average length of time spent in pretrial detention; and
  3. Increasing the presence of justice sector personnel in Cite Soleil. NCSC sponsored a groundbreaking series of public consultations with the Parliamentary Justice Commissions, in which parliamentarians had the opportunity to gather views from stakeholders prior to voting on these bills. This assistance led to the passage of three key pieces of legislation regarding the independence of the judiciary. NCSC contributed to the establishment of a nationwide legal assistance program and piloted the program in three target jurisdictions. Under the pilot project, approximately 1,000 people benefited from the legal assistance program, which targeted backlogged cases.

NCSC also conducted activities to increase access to justice. Creation of a Roving Justice of the Peace program provided access to justice services for nearly more than 8,000 citizens in rural areas. In addition, NCSC contributed to the establishment of Kay Jistis, a multi-faceted justice service center located in Cite Soleil.

Haiti Training and Support to Judges and Prosecutors (2004 – 2005)

In 2004, NCSC was awarded a one-year Rule of Law Assistance project in Haiti, with four primary objectives: enhance organization and operation of Justice of the Peace Courts; strengthen local capacity to manage and administer the courts and the prosecutor’s office; facilitate uniform application of laws; and provide grants to nongovernmental organizations to conduct programs in support of these objectives.

The project provided technical assistance in a number of areas including, legislative drafting, financial management, and capacity building of civil society organizations.

NCSC facilitated the development of Rules of Practice for Justice of the Peace courts to bring order and predictability to the citizens’ most used legal forum for disputes and allow for better case flow and adjudication of cases. In addition, NCSC trained more than 800 justice sector practitioners on key issues they encounter in carrying out their duties.