Trinidad and Tobago: Training Youth in Peer Resolution Techniques

In October 2015, NCSC experts conducted training of secondary school students to facilitate the piloting of peer resolutions programs in Tobago.  The students were trained on the various roles in the peer resolution process.   Based on principles of rehabilitation, children who have committed minor offenses have an opportunity to accept responsibility for their actions and complete specified sanctions, such as restitution or community service, decided by their peers.   The Chief Justice of the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago, Ivor Archie, presented certificates to the graduates of the training program.

NCSC is also supporting the establishment of two juvenile courts in Trinidad and Tobago.  In addition, NCSC is providing expertise to the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Juvenile Court Project to develop Peer Resolutions Centers in the country. The Juvenile Court Project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, is implemented by UNDP with NCSC assistance, and in collaboration the Judiciary of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.