Serbia, September 2012; New Misdemeanor Law

Showcasing Misdemeanor Court brochures created by the project

The revision of the Law on Misdemeanors was completed in September by a Working Group comprised of judges, professors, and NCSC legal experts. Through a partnership with the Ministry of Justice of Serbia, NCSC provided both technical assistance and logistical support to the Working Group. During a series of intensive sessions between February and September 2012, more than 200 of 310 existing articles of the law were amended. The new law will streamline the misdemeanor process in Serbia and improve the efficiency of the courts.

In the forthcoming year, NCSC experts will continue to support the improvement of court operations and facilities throughout the country, and continue a comprehensive training program to equip counterparts with the skills and tools necessary to use court technology and information systems effectively. The Program will also expand its grants program to justice sector professional organizations and civil society groups that seek to improve the quality of justice services to citizens.

USAID’s five-year Judicial Reform & Government Accountability Project (2011 – 2016) aims to improve the efficiency of the Misdemeanor Courts through the provision of technical assistance, training and technology solutions. The Project also aims to strengthen government accountability and transparency. More news from the Serbia is available at