Kosovo, November 2013:
Regulatory Reform Strengthens Legal Profession

With the support of USAID's Kosovo Legal Profession (KLP) Program, implemented by NCSC, the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates (KCA) is taking steps to increase transparency of its disciplinary procedures and harmonize all internal regulations with the newly promulgated Law on Bar. On November 16, 2013 the KCA, the regulatory body for all lawyers in Kosovo, held its annual meeting in Pristina. KCA members adopted the new Statute of the KCA and Regulation on Disciplinary Procedure, which established the Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor. The new prosecutor will have the authority to file claims against lawyers who are in violation of the Regulation of Disciplinary procedure and the Code of Ethics. The changes will also make disciplinary procedures more transparent through the publication of decisions on violations of the Code of Ethics.

In December, the KCA Managing Board amended Regulations on Specialization, Finances, Committees, Staff Rules, Conditions and Equipment in Lawyers Offices and the entry Ethics Exam.  For the first time, all KCA regulations are harmonized with the Law on the Bar.

USAID’s Kosovo Legal Profession (KLP) Program is a three-year initiative that aims to strengthen the practice of law in Kosovo through improvements in professional discipline and legal training. For more information, visit our website at www.justice-ks.org.