Serbia: Misdemeanor Court Case Management System

Court automation is a fairly new concept for the Serbian Misdemeanor Courts. With the exception of a few courts using locally developed case tracking systems, until last summer most of the misdemeanor courts lacked basic computer equipment and were working in a completely paper-based environment.

In the past year, the USAID Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project (JRGA) has provided the Misdemeanor Courts in Serbia with computer equipment valued at more than $1 million and implemented a comprehensive training program aimed at improving basic computer literacy of judges and staff. These efforts are preparing a foundation for the implementation of the Misdemeanor Court Case Management System (MCCMS).  JRGA is working with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and local software firms to develop MCCMS software application, which is a critical element of court automation.

To date, the registries module has been implemented and is being used by all of Serbia’s Misdemeanor Courts. It has been populated with 80,000 cases to date and has more than 200 users. Nearly 13,000 persons have been added to the Registry of Unpaid Fines. 

The system operates as a centralized system hosted on servers in the data centers of the Ministry of Justice, which is a step forward in comparison to other judicial case management systems in Serbia.  The architecture allows for ready availability of data centrally and locally, and permits easy update of the software application. It is expected that the MCCMS software application with full functionality will be completed and rolled out to all Misdemeanor Courts in the course of 2015.

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