Serbia - The New Law on Misdemeanors

The new Law on Misdemeanors in Serbia came into effect on March 1, 2014.  The revised law was drafted with support from USAID’s Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project (JRGA) in Serbia, implemented by NCSC. The law will improve efficiency in   case processing and increase enforcement of court sanctions.

After only four months of implementation, the impact of the revised law is already evident.  The introduction of the misdemeanor order – a key innovation in the new law - has resulted in a 5 percent increase in the collection rate in comparison to the same period last year. With the misdemeanor order, citizens are offered the possibility of paying one-half of their fine within eight (8) days after the order is issued. Since the introduction of this measure, the compliance rate for fixed fine traffic misdemeanors is 61 percent, as opposed to the 30% compliance rate with the old law.

JRGA continues to work closely with the Serbian Ministry of Justice and the Misdemeanor Courts on broadening the use of the misdemeanor order to more types of misdemeanors and ensuring the full effect of all changes introduced by the new Law.

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