Serbia JRGA: Partner Court Meeting in Nis

From March 19 - 20, the Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project in Serbia (JRGA), facilitated a partner court meeting in Nis, to bring together judicial leaders from Misdemeanor Courts across the country to discuss progress on a variety of court improvement topics.

The event was opened by Vera Cvjetkovic, President of the Misdemeanor Court in Nis, and Zoran Pasalic, President of the Appellate Misdemeanor Court.

JRGA staff and Misdemeanor Court Judges then gave presentations on Misdemeanor Court case management systems development and its impact on court operations; effective implementation of Serbia’s new Law on Misdemeanors and potential law changes; plea agreement implementation; and best practices on enforcement proceedings.

The meeting involved productive discussions and dialogue enabling JRGA Partner Courts to show ownership of initiatives that they have implemented with the support of the JRGA Project. The event also helped facilitate formulation and dissemination of best practices related to the Misdemeanor Court case management system, service of process, plea agreements, and enforcement mechanisms. 

The JRGA Project supports civil society and justice sector professionals to advance reforms, build capacity, and model innovation in responding to domestic violence, among other modernization efforts, that seek to strengthen the Rule of Law and ensure government transparency. For more information on the JRGA Project, please visit