Serbia: Supporting Victims of Family Violence

Domestic violence is a pervasive problem in Serbia. In 2013, 76 women and children died in cases of domestic violence. More than 3,000 women reportedly contacted the helpline maintained by Counseling against Family Violence (CAFV), a civil society organization. Through the USAID Judicial Reform and Government Accountability (JRGA) Project, NCSC is working with judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and civil society organizations to improve responses to victims of domestic violence. CAFV is one of the JRGA partners in addressing domestic violence.

Using the Global Giving Foundation, a crowd-funding platform that supports grassroots charitable organizations, CAFV is aiming to raise $52,150 in donations to expand services to victims of domestic violence in Serbia. Donations will go toward offering free legal services to victims of family violence, psychological support for victims, and safe house facilities for women and children escaping abuse. Individuals and organizations from around the world can support CAFV’s critical work by visiting the Global Giving website at

The JRGA Project supports civil society and justice sector professionals to advance reforms, build capacity, and model innovation in court processes, among other modernization efforts that seek to strengthen the Rule of Law and ensure government transparency.

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