Serbia: Misdemeanor Court Open Day

The Serbia Judicial Reform and Government Accountability (JRGA) Project, is raising the awareness of students to improvements at Serbia’s misdemeanor court system through an Open Court Day Program.

The Open Court Day Program focuses on secondary school students and law school students in their respective towns and cities. The Program is a partnership between the JRGA Project and its partner misdemeanor courts in Belgrade, Loznica, Gornji Milanovac, Raska, Sombor and Mladenovac.  

The Open Court Day Program has proven to be an effective way to improve the public perception and understanding of misdemeanor courts and their work, as well as attract the interest of students to a career in the justice system.

The JRGA Project supports justice sector professionals and civil society to advance reforms, build capacity, and model innovation to strengthen the Rule of Law and ensure government transparency. For more information, please visit