Kosovo: Free Legal Clinics Expand Access to Legal Information

On June 13, 2019,  pro-bono lawyers from the Kosovo Bar Association and students from the Live Legal Clinic at Gjilan University delivered free legal aid services to 17  beneficiaries. It was the first time that these citizens have had  their disputes heard by legal professionals. Citizens receivedinformation and assistance to help them resolve their disputes. This was an opportunity for citizens to express themselves, to ask questions, to be listened to, and to participate in the judicial process. The U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo and the USAID Mission Director visited the Law Faculty of the “Kadri Zeka” University to observe the the legal clinic in action, and expressed support for the clinics as providers of legal aid services. Students were also mobilized to raise awareness in rural areas about legal rights and guiding vulnerable groups to services available to them.   

The Justice Matters Activity is funded by USAID and implemented by NCSC to support the Free Legal Aid Agency, university law faculties, and civil society partners to expand access to justice for all in Kosovo.