Program Areas

  • Court Management and Administration
  • Judicial Independence
  • Judicial Ethics and Accountability
  • Strategic Planning and Program Design

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Afghanistan Justice Sector Support Program

JSSP provided assistance to the justice sector in Afghanistan under four primary project components:

  1. Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Attorney General’s Office, especially its ability to conduct investigations and prosecute criminal cases;
  2. Bolstering the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Justice in developing strategies and plans within the framework of the Afghanistan Compact and the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS);
  3. Improving access to justice with a focus on increasing the quality of representation by defense counsel and legal aid providers; and
  4. Improving police and prosecutor skills through a formal joint training program involving academic and practical lessons followed by in-service mentoring. JSSP’s regional police/prosecution training and mentoring program used an integrated curriculum, applicable to both police and prosecutors, that focused both on the technical aspects of criminal investigation and on police-prosecutor cooperation.

The curriculum included individual roles and responsibilities under the Criminal Code and the Interim Code of Criminal Procedures; criminal law including drug laws; technical skills training in criminal investigation and evidence collection and processing techniques. The training included both theory and practical exercises and mock investigations and trials.